American Fashion 1950

The 1950 is the year, when a variety of original and distinctive styles penetrated to America.  Notably woman has changed the dressing styles. They altered the way of presenting them. Evolution of liberal society makes the woman to dress casual and relaxed clothing than the traditional wears. They altered the dressing style of previous decades. Many new trends arrived in those years and the admired clothing was full skirts. A circle skirt seems to a casual dress. They included fitted blouses. The woman looks so awesome in those casual wears.

            “Have you ever thought that progress of the woman and woman clothing were seriously connected?”

After some period, sleeveless and strapless tops started to trend. They were made in silk cloth to enhance the look of the dress. Some of the dress was made in velvet clothes. Then the combination of nylon petticoat and full skirt started to trend. Growing popular full skirt got full support in 1950’s to enhance the look.

Another fashion trended was swing coat in those days. It was designed by Jacques Fath in the year 1940. Trapeze dress is a swinging dress that looks like triangular in shape. It is completely opted with bouffant hair styles and with leather shoes. In 1954 slim skirts started to became high fashion, which comprised with slender tunic-style suit. Then straighter-waist dresses become popular. Itwas developed as a long sheath dress. These dressing styles dramatically changed the previous costume. These fashion changes transformed the dressing style of America.