Cross by James Patterson

(Fiction: Thrillers, Fiction: Thrillers: Crime, Fiction: Modern)

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Been getting into reading thrillers again lately, and in this field, James Patterson needs no introduction as perhaps the master practitioner of the genre at this moment in time!

Cross stars (for I like to think of these books as written in a very cinematic style!) that stalwart old favourite Alex Cross in what is billed as the most terrifying and most emotional Cross ever, weaving together elements of the past and present to create a mixture of intrigue, tragedy, shock and resolution.

As you might expect from a Patterson novel (I won’t add the number of superlatives such as unputdownable, or the light socket image) the pages turn fast, and I was as intrigued by the story of the vicious Butcher, Michael Sullivan, as I was disturbed by this callous, terrible villain.

All in all a jolly good read for these cold winter nights, and the next Cross novel is already out in hardback! Cross is high octane, high adrenaline fiction, one of the best Alex Cross novels to date – read and see what you’re missing if you’re unfamiliar with the Cross series!