Essay Of Personal Statement

Furthermore, my obsession with understanding the human body and how it functions has encouraged my desire to pursue a career in physiotherapy as it takes into consideration three areas of study that i particularly show interest in which are science, sports and medicine. Not only have i meet the requirements but i have also researched the course and i fully understand what studying the subject at university will involve; i also know that it is a competitive field and i feel very committed and ready to embrace the challenges and try to work through them.. My current and
previous studies very much relate to the course that i want to take because i took all 3 sciences, Maths and English at my IGCSE level and those are the most important subjects needed for this course. This year for my a levels i am taking Biology, Chemistry and Physics and these are required for the course that i want to take especially biology.

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Physiotherapists have to be able to obtain excellent communication skills and I believe that I posses this in huge quantities as i am able to communicate collaboratively with the different people from all ages which i have been told by my school mates and teachers. Another quality that i have and is necessary for this course is being a caring person; i love to help people that feel like they might need emotional, mental or physical support. I am considered a very approachable person as people usually feel like they can come to me whenever they need someone to talk to as i am able to give them advice.

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I love working in a team and i find every opportunity i can to show some leadership skills and this is something that has taken time for me to develop as a person but i am finally showing growth as a person in general. Some are born to be leaders but for others it takes time and growth to get to that stage and i think i have finally gained that confidence and that’s the reason why i applied to have a role as being the deputy house captain for my house which i have been in for almost 7 years now and has watched me grow as an individual. My drive and passion for playing sports and being a person that the younger one can look up to when it comes to being part of a sport team and being there to support and to lead a group of younger kids to perform to their best ability when it comes to house sporting events or school competitions. For this reason i was awarded a role as the sports captain as a representative for my house and this made me really happy as they saw one of my best qualities and thought that the position was meant for me. In other sport competitions like during netball funday i was nominated to be the captain of the team which i really appreciated. Also being a part of helping out during Fobissia for the junior ones` This is how i show leadership skills which is something i have worked towards.